Diary of a junkie: I can live without dope, no?


By Garnet
In the end, they’ll judge me anyway, so whatever. . .
After the trip to Ahoada, I went home for the holidays, but that didn’t last for very long because in less than no time, I was back in school.
Lectures had not really begun but I was tired of my everyday routine in the house.
It was a repeat of almost everything, without a window to even step out and satiate my new found hunger.
So the slightest opportunity I got, I came up with the perfect excuse and returned to school. But, I didn’t end up in my room. Your guess is as good as mine.
It wasn’t premeditated to end up in Stephen’s house, it was last minute decision but it seemed perfect and reasonable at the time.
I thought ‘after all, nothing’s really happening in school just yet, and I’d rather be in his company than my family or roommate’.
Looking back now, I think my drive then was coming straight from the pit of hell. Sue me, but you’ll agree with me that sometimes freedom can be too free.
As always, Stephen had one mischief or the other up his sleeves. All his caution of staying home with my family and enjoying the holidays was thrown out the window immediately he saw me, his partner in crime.
Mind you, I enjoyed every second I spent home with my family, I mean, how could I not when it was a joint agreement amongst them to get on my last nerve and exhaust me endlessly.
I loved being home, but it felt good to be handed back the reins to my life.
Anyways, it was good to be back with Stephen. I missed him. I missed the adventures. I missed his friends. They were a crazy lot. One worse than the other in his own unique way.
As though he read my mind, he went “go freshen up. My guys are coming over”.
Without waiting for another nudge, I grabbed my bag and made for the room, all the while thinking it was the same crowd I’ve met before now.
I was out of the showers and already in my shorts when I heard the noise. It sounded like there were more than a hundred men in that sitting room.
Oh my God! An invasion! The guys I hung out with in Ahoada were crazy and noisy but nothing like this.
I quickly slipped into a shirt, put on my flip flops and made for the sitting room.
Imagine my shock and surprise when I got there and found just four guys including Stephen.
Bros, you don get another barney? Guy!!! That was the stout one amongst the pack, who was later introduced as Brown. Something told me he was trouble waiting to happen.
Let’s see if my instincts were still as sharp as they used to be.
Come on shut up, Stephen returned. Remove your eye o. Na my younger sister.
The laughter that followed that statement was deafening, and contagious because I and Stephen joined in.
The finer and calmer (or so I thought) one who Stephen later introduced as Funky had a sharp tongue.
“Guy, come on shut up. If you see your sister, you no go know? Abi you don forget how many children your mama born? Tell us to commot eye for her body, no talk say na your sis”.
I knew I was in for a very long day. These guys were on hyper mood, but they were fun though.
One look at Stephen, I knew what he wanted. I stood up, went inside and in less than no time, I was back out with his dope box, ash tray for everyone, four glasses and a bottle of whiskey.
I turned on the TV and perused through the channels while these guys talked and laughed at the top of their voices.
Seeing as the search for something to watch was becoming futile, I joined in the conversation.
I wasn’t keeping track of time, but it wasn’t more than three hours, two bottles of brandy had already been levelled, the box was empty, and the stash was on the speed lane to hitting rock bottom.
We were still at it when one of the guys suggested we go out….. To get more kush, some bottles of codeine, and in his words, fresh air.
If we had known there was trouble outside the four walls of that house, we would have remained content and stayed put. But who thinks about caution when highness is involved?
We came out in Stephen’s hilux, drove into GRA and found what we needed.
We were hungry. I mean, who wouldn’t be after what we just had? I made it very clear that I didn’t have any strength left in me to cook up anything, so Collins (the last man in the pack) suggested we stop at Blinks to get shawarma.
As expected on a Wednesday night, blinks was packed full with cars looking for a parking space was like finding a needle on a hay stack.
Brown and I decided to come down and go place our order while the other guys look for a spot for the car. While we were making our way to blinks, someone suggested we eat the shawarma around the environs, burn a few blunts, and empty a few bottles then go on home to continue our own little party. It sounded like a plan since neither of us was up for clubbing.
We had placed our orders, leaned on a nearby car and just laughed at everything and everyone when some random guy walked up to us and squeezed my ass.
What??? I turned and before I could stop myself, my palm was on his face.
Brown was in the loop because everything happened in split seconds. The guy recovered quickly and made for me when Brown sent him flying backwards with a punch.
That kept him low for a while as Brown inquired what happened from me. I explained and could see his chest rise waiting for the easiest prey to pounce on.
A ruckus had ensued and a small crowd was gathering. I hated being in the spotlight, and receiving sly comments from onlookers.  Stephen and co were already there and Brown had explained to them what happened. Like a flash of lightning, there was another blow, another heavy thud of someone falling and a voice that sounded more like a roar.
Stephen….. I ran to him, and gave him a hug all the while whispering only God knows what in his ears.
Saved by the bell, our shawarma was ready. Funky paid and we made our way back to the car.
All four doors open, empty foil papers lying around the car, cups in each hand, an overhead cloud formed from smoke, there was silence…..
I sat in the passenger seat beside Steve, and relieved the events of the past hour.
If anyone had told me I’ll someday be the girl to cast the first stone, I’d have called their bluff. Well, thank God for friends that’ll stand up for you any day, anytime.
It was a peaceful night… With stars keeping the night Sky Company, and Bob Marley appealing to our conscious minds with his powerful words, I couldn’t have been anywhere else. But it was past 1am, and we had to get home.
We shut the doors and continued on home. The guys were staying the night at Stephen’s so there was no going to drop anyone off.
We had just joined the Rumuola road from Oroazi, and considering that it was already very late, Stephen decided to drive against traffic.
He had not gone two poles when we were stopped by police patrol men on duty. We didn’t think nothing of it, believing we’ll just give them the usual tip and be on our way, but these guys were not having any of it.
One peep into the car with a flashlight brought us all down. Another wahala, or so I thought.
The guys were so
calm and collected. Their countenance was intimidating. To them, it didn’t seem like we might as well spend the night behind bars. They were quiet, watching this policemen rant and wave guns and cuffs in our faces.
Stephen reached for my hand, squeezed tight and gave me a wink.
Are you kidding me? You’re being a romantic when we’re looking at spending the night in cuffs. Well, I was calm and watched them handle the issue at hand. Funny enough, they weren’t doing or saying anything. They rather leaned on the car like people looking to take pictures.
When it felt like this policemen were out for trouble, and they weren’t backing up until they had us in cuffs and behind their van, Funky and Collins approached the guy who from the look of things was in charge. At first, he didn’t want to listen, but next thing I know, he had gone completely quiet and was listening to the two guys instead.
‘Let’s go home guys’.
Really? What just happened here? Who are these guys, and what did they tell that officer that made him release us without asking for a dime?
Anyways, that’s none of my business. As long as I get to sleep in a comfortable bed, what they told them or didn’t tell them isn’t my headache.
It’d been a full day, and I felt cramped. The rest of the journey home was made in silence. Nobody was even humming to Bob Marley. Each man to his thoughts…
There’s no beginning. There’s no end. There’s just becoming.

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  1. Intriguing as always. Always keeps me hooked. I can always relate to the message in Garnet’s stories even if I haven’t been in these particular situations, the stories always speak something very real and familiar to me.

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