Diary of a junkie: How we roll on Friday nights


We all together think life isn’t that bad until it is…

“Sleepy head, wake up! It’s 11am”. Who was that? I thought I just laid down to sleep so how come it was 11am already? Crap! I really had to get up, if not for anything but to satiate this suspense that has slowly crept into my mind since meeting Stephen.
I grudgingly stepped out of bed and found myself in the kitchen. Surprisingly or not Stephen held his ground in that department as well. He had made fried plantain and fried eggs and there was a cup of coffee for me. How did he know I loved coffee?
I honestly dunno why, but I’ve never been one to have my meal on the dining table.
I quietly grabbed my tray and found myself on the floor in the sitting room. You guessed right, I was ready for breakfast… Or should I say brunch considering it was almost past noon.
I wished I could remain glued to the TV for my favorite series; 24. But I wasn’t letting Friday pass without knowing what Stephen had in store for me so I finished my meal, did the dishes and hit the showers.
In less than no time, I was dressed.
I wore blue jean short, white t-shirt and red sneakers. Stephen wore the exact same thing and we hit the road.
Stephen’s house is located at Rumuokwuta, but we drove all the way to Eliozu.
Stephen pulled the car to a halt outside a thatch roofed house. Its picket fence was made out of bamboo sticks, and the bench inside were also made of bamboo.
Inside the hut there were several calabash pots that stored palm wine and pepper soup. The cups and plates were also made of calabash. There were tall palm trees and a small pond on one side.
There were armed officers, and men of the corporate world inside the hut. Stephen shook hands with the men and introduced me to all of them. Not long after that, we sat down and placed our orders.
A track by Onyeka Onwenu, ‘Ekwe’ was blaring from the speakers and there was kush! It was so fresh.
Stephen bought a sachet and started rolling up. Our pot of palm wine arrived and we got to work. Smoking dope and drinking palm wine. The first pot had gone down and they were getting the second one but this time with a crate of stout. Yea right! This was getting real. The pepper soup came in a small calabash pot, steaming hot.
By this time, most of the guys had gone and new ones had come in.
After emptying two pots of palmy (as it is fondly called), two pots of pepper soup, one crate of small stout, and one packet of rizzla, we got up to leave.
The lady, with her charming charisma and beautiful smile thanked us for our patronage and urged us to come back some other time. We promised to oblige her and left.
I thought we were heading home, but Stephen had other plans up his sleeve. I didn’t realize where we were until I saw Stephen paying for two tickets.
I looked up and Isaac Boro Park beckoned on me. He drove in and parked in the lot.
“Stan, what in God’s name are we doing at a park?” He smiled and said “This is where I come to find solace. Come on.”
With that he got out of the car. I followed suit and together we found a good spot and laid on the grass. We just looked at the sky and appreciated nature. Birds sang from the tree providing shelter. Butterflies flew and one actually perched on my hand.  Indeed, it’s been a beautiful Friday so far I thought to myself.
After about an hour, we got up to leave. Hand-in-hand, we located the car and continued the day.
We drove to Abuja down, and this time he asked that I come down with him. We bought seven bottles of codeine, three blocks of SK and a parcel of kush.
While in the car, Stephen got out two of the bottles of codeine and asked me to empty the contents of mine while he does same. After that I lit a stick of Benson and we headed home.
The glasses were down, and Bob Marley blared from the speakers. The road surprisingly was void of traffic.
I was over excited. I had this smile on my face and my skin was covered in goose bumps. My head felt like it was spinning. But from the smile I supposedly had on my lips, it was a good spin. “I’ll be right back. Let me get something”. With that, he was out of the car.
I must have been so engrossed in a world of my own I didn’t realize Stephen pull outside a boutique. In less than no time, he was out and we continued on home.
“Babes, take this bag. Get dressed with the stuff in it. We’re going out by 10:30. I checked my watch and it was already 9:30pm.
I dashed into the bathroom, and in less than no time, I was dressed.
I didn’t recognize the lady that stared back at me when I looked in the mirror.
Stephen had bought a knee length blue gown, white sandals and a white strap purse. I let my heavy bangs fall to my shoulders, wore a red lipstick and dashed to the sitting room.
Stephen was already dressed in white pants, blue shirt and white loafers.
“You look good” we said at once. We smiled and headed for the door.
Stephen drove to Presidential Hotel. We found a spot, got down and headed towards the club; Platinum.
His friends were already there. There were bottles of Hennessey, coke, and pots of shisha. Rather than shisha though, we were smoking SK.
The lights from the club messed with my head so bad. It felt like the place was spinning and flying at once.
I felt like I should just explode, or scream. My mind was in a turmoil but I had to maintain my cool. At least if not for me, for Stanley.
It was in this battle with my mind that all hell broke loose.
Life is only traveled once. Today’s moments make tomorrow’s memories.
Enjoy every moment, good or bad cause the gift of life is life itself.

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