Diary of a junkie: Codeine, weed and a game of Truth or Dare


By Garnet
I come from a place where people get high. Grades get low. And if someone has a secret, everyone knows.
I sat in between Stephen’s legs on the bed, and laid my head on his chest. His friends were on the floor, playing cards, with cash involved of course, but nothing serious.
Before we settled in for the night, everyone took their baths.
Onome and Sharon showered together… (Your guess is as good as mine).
I called the restaurant, and placed orders for four plates of rice, and four plates of soup.
I called the bar and ordered for six bottles of stout, and four bottles of beer.
There were also packets of biscuit and juice we bought in Ahoada.
We had all settled, and the games had begun before the love birds came out of the bathroom grinning sheepishly.
I was comfortable on Stephen’s chest. Onome was making out just beside Stephen and I, whilst my eyes were fixed to the TV and I had no idea why.
First, there were no sounds coming from it because it was on mute. It was actually turned on because it was the only source of light in the room. Different genres of music just escaped freely from the speakers. It was a battle of emotions in that room.
One time you’re holy and the next time you’re dancing. The next you’re sober probably because a worship song just started playing.
We were smoking normally, including Onome and Sharon. We were also chatting, laughing and reigning abuses on each other.
Onome was the jolly good fellow. Supplied jokes at will. We were laughing so much our stomach ached.
“Una day snap picture ooo. Chai! I pity u”. That was Onome referring to Stephen and I.
Before we could come up with a response, he goes; “Make I come follow una?”
Charles went ‘babe no gree o. Make Onome smell no run enter the picture’.
I was hysterical. “Person day smell inside picture”? I asked in between laughs.
“Before nko, u no know?” That was Dan. “Even if another person no day smell for picture, no be Onome. Him own bad.”
We laughed and continued chatting about everything in general.
I grabbed the remote and was just perusing through the channels to…feed my eyes.
“Yay!!”. I was so shocked I almost ran. I wasn’t alone. Sharon dragged her lips off Onomes’ everyone heard. 
“Stephen, wetin happen?” I was forced to blurt out.
“Go back the last channel. Go back! Go back!”
I did just that and regained my position when we saw what Stephen saw that made him exclaim.
On the television were the most sumptuous meals ever.
Arranged on a table, in a transparent bowl was boiled spaghetti, pepper chicken in another bowl. Stew in another. Inside were big chunks of chicken. In another bowl lay the thickest soup I had ever seen.
There was no space in it because everywhere you turn there was something to chew. There were different fruits in another bowl. Cut in different shapes and sizes. A jug of milk stood on one end of the table.
“Just imagine say you fit put hand inside television take anything you see” That was John
Or television get tastivision? That was of course Onome.
We just laughed. I became hungry all of a sudden. I got up, grabbed two packets of biscuits, and two bottles of stout.
As though on cue, everyone did same.
For what seemed like forever, there was quiet save for the sound of teeth grinding biscuits. Each looking at nothing in particular and entertaining his own thoughts.
The songs still messing with our psyche and our gazes still transfixed on nothing in particular.
My bottle was empty, and boredom loomed the air.
“Who’s up for a little adventure? Let’s play spin the bottle”. I said it with raised eyebrows, as though waiting for someone to decline.
By this time, Charles and Dan had resumed rolling up blunts. Cups were empty. Stephen brought out six bottles of codeine and we shared it two persons to one bottle.
Everyone was set. Apparently, my suggestion was bought.
“Anybody way no go oblige, ready to drop your 5k ooo”. Leave it to Onome to always state the obvious. 
“And no hard feelings. Anything that happens in Tropicana…?”
“Stays in Tropicana” we echoed after Stephen.
I was the first to start. I held the bottle and spun. It faced Dan.
‘Truth or Dare?’
“Dare”, he replied.
I laughed, looked him in the eye and said “I dare you to tell us something you’ve never told another soul.”
I was the first one to start, and I didn’t want to have a poor one.
Dan looked at every face in the group, smiled and picked a tap of kush from the table. We had all night, we didn’t have any appointments so we had all the time in the world. I collected my own blunt, and the rest of the crew did same.
Dan took a few drags, blew the smoke in our faces and blurted; “I used to be gay”.
More silence!!  You can’t beat that. So we moved on. Dan spun the bottle and it faced Charles.
‘Truth or Dare?’
‘When was the last time you had sex?’
‘A week ago today’.
‘Hmm! Chairman, I hail o. I think say you no get girlfriend. You have been doing some backyard business abi?’
Onome had recovered, and his chappy self was back.
Well, Charles spun the bottle and it faced Stephen.
‘Truth or Dare?’
‘I dare you to kiss Garnet until one of us says stop’.
Stephen quietly stood up, grabbed his wallet and dropped 5k on the table.
‘Jesus!! Omo, Stan, how far na? Hmm! Garnet, well done o. Who knew Stephen had a modest spirit in him?’
‘Tah sharap. Garnet’s more like my sister jor. Let’s move on’.
He spun the bottle, and it faced Onome.
‘Hian! Bros, make I first warn you o. No tell me stupid thing’.
‘You too talk. Truth or Dare jor?’
‘Wetin I one tell you now way go hard you to do? OK, make out with your girlfriend while we watch’.
I guess Stephen forgot it was Onome he was referring to, because in split seconds, Sharon was up and in his arms. I’m sure we all knew Onome was going to go the whole nine yards without batting an eye, so we stopped him before they went any further.
‘Una no well o. How Stan go send me that kind message sag na dare? Who does that?’
‘You too talk. Spin bottle make we continue abeg’.
‘Garnet, you don follow them day attack me? No do o. Anyways,…’
The bottle faced Charles.
‘Truth or Dare?’
Onome laughed so loud as though he had just hit a jackpot.
‘Who’s the girl you had sex with? You suppose know say I no go let am slide. because we all know you don’t have a girlfriend. And you don’t solicit for sex. So, spill….
Silence… Sharon who had been in the clear all this while became so uneasy.
‘What happens in this room stays in this room, right?’
‘Hian! Bros, you kill person? No be joke we day. Stan o, Daniel, why Charles day always day so dramatic?’
I was laughing before now, but I choked on it. Stephen was about to say something, but stopped mid-sentence.
‘Baby, it’s not what you think’ Sha
ron began…
All hell broke loose. The Elephant in the room has just been poked!
I got up from the floor, and went to the far end of the bed to sit down. Onome had gone quiet. His head was in his hands, but you could see from the change of color in his knuckles that he was boiling with rage.
Stephen who seemed like the most calculated and mature was speechless. He looked to me for help, but I was blank too.
Dan quietly drew on his blunt and sipped his beer. No emotion on his face. Sharon was crying uncontrollably. Charles just remained on the floor looking worn out.
‘It was…’
Charles made to answer, but one look from Onome kept him mute almost immediately he started talking.
I wasn’t talking to you. With that, be turned and fixed his gaze on his Sharon. (At this point, I didn’t know what to call her)
‘It was last week. When you travelled to Warri to see mommy. Remember we had a fight before you left. I was wasted and broken when Charles stopped by. He noticed my mood, and…’
Onome stood up raised his hands to his eyes, but not fast enough to hide the tears. He snatched his keys and dashed out the door…
Don’t do something permanently stupid because you’re temporarily upset.  

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