Diary of a Junkie: 20 bottles of codeine, 2 bibles of skunk and rizzla


By Garnet
Don’t forget that I cannot see myself. My role is limited to being the one who looks in the mirror.
Exams were over, and you can say that I was happier than the next man cause I actually was.
Despite my new found hobby, I was in my year one. And if any of the advice I’ve received from my elders before moving to school was anything to go by, I had to get really good grades in year one because like they said it gets tougher as I go on.
Well, I heeded their advice and put my all into my exams.
I was supposed to go home afterwards, but I promised to spend the weekend I finished with Stephen. In order to do that, I had to lie to my mom about when I finished my papers.
Well, if my memory serves me correctly, I finished my exams on a Wednesday.
Before I went for that day’s examination, I packed my bags and got everything ready.
It’d been almost 3 weeks without seeing this dude, and I had missed him as well as missing my blunt.
I didn’t have time to waste or stay back and have idle conversations with my neighbors. I had a life to get back to.
Immediately I finished that day’s paper, I called Stephen from the exam hall.
According to him, he had business to attend to close to my school, so he was going to be with me before 4pm on that fateful day.
I got home, showered and wore fresh clothes. I didn’t make my hair, but I wasn’t the least bit bothered because my natural hair was a long one.
So I just combed it, and wore it down. I wore jean shorts, a tank top and sandals. I was good to go. All I was waiting for was Stephen’s call.
True to his words, by 4pm he called me to say he was outside my door. Without waiting for further invitation, I grabbed my overnight bag, dashed out the door, and took the stairs two at a time. I was downstairs, outside the gate and in the car in less than no time.
“Whao! Why the hurry?”
I didn’t even realise I was in a hurry, so I smiled, took a deep breath and threw my bag to the back seat.
“I have missed you, and well forgive the hurry,” I said.
“Well, I like your hyper spirit. Just take things easy because the evening just got started.”
He reached for the pigeon hole, opened it, brought out a packet of B&H cigarettes, a bottle of codeine and handed them to me.
My face lit up, and I smiled like a baby that just received her favorite bottle of milk.
He drove out of my street and was on the road in less than no time.
“We’re going for a little trip, but keep calm we’ll be back tomorrow. Just a little something for rounding up your exams successfully.
“I’m not ruining the surprise by telling you where we’re going, so don’t ask. Empty that bottle before we get to the checkpoint.”
(He was referring to the one at Choba).
I downed half of the contents of the bottle and gave him the other half. He emptied the bottle, tossed it out the open window.
“Thanks for that. I wouldn’t light this (the cigarette) until we’ve passed the checkpoint,” I told him.
He smiled and rubbed my head like I was his puppy. That was when he noticed my hair.
“Oh my God! Is that your hair, or you added hair extensions?”
I felt a little bit of pride as I smiled and nodded in the affirmative.
His mouth hung open, and he looked like he’d never seen something like that before.
In all honesty, (permit me to boast a little)I wouldn’t say I blamed him. My hair fell below my shoulders, they were brown and very thick. The reaction he wore now was one I got often whenever I wear my natural hair.
We continued on our journey in silence save from the voice of Bob Marley blaring from the speakers.
One of the effects of taking codeine is the ability to smoke nonstop and I was itching to light something.
I had to be patient because we had just arrived the check point. Lucky for us, not like we had any contrabands with us, the officer waved our car to continue and I was happy because now I could light up.
We passed the checkpoint just in time for the first puff of smoke to escape my lips.
Apparently, impatience got the better part of me.
There was nothing to talk about cause true to Stephen’s words, he had called me so much I didn’t really feel his absence.
So we continued on our journey to only God knew where, with smoke from the cigarette and Bob Marley’s voice as our only company.
We sang along a few times and just enjoyed the journey.
We arrived Ahoada, and got to Tropicana sooner than I expected.
It was 17:56 when I looked at my wrist watch. We got down and went to the room Stephen had secured prior to my visit.
“Hope you don’t mind, but I thought you needed a place to cool off after reading too many books.”
Why would I mind? I’m not that ungrateful.
“I’m very happy babe. Thanks for being so thoughtful,” I replied.
“Good girl. Well, go shower while I go get our stuffs from the car. My friends will be coming soon. They’re crazier than I am. You’ll love them.”
With that, he dashed out the door. I didn’t wait for another invitation. I hit the showers and took a deep breath as the cold water hit my back. We drove to Ahoada in Stephen’s Toyota Camry, and the four windows were down. He drove so fast I could feel dust on my skin when we got to Ahoada and was faced with slight traffic. So, yes, I appreciated the bath. I got out, and changed to black bum shorts, another tank top and flip-flops.
When I went back to the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no one there, but if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was in another room. On the table were more than twenty bottles of codeine, and two bibles of skunk, with four packets of rizzla.
Wow!! Forgetting about his friends he said were coming, I thought; maybe Stephen was on a suicide mission and he was dragging me with him.
I was still pondering on that when the door opened and in walked Stephen with four other bodies; three guys and a girl.
“Stephen, who be this fine girl na? Bros, u sef harsh o. You think say na only you like better thing?”
I laughed, stretched my hand and went “Hi! I’m Garnet.”
With all humility, he reached for my hand, brought it to his lips and went, “it’s a pleasure to meet you Garnet. I’m Onome. That’s my girlfriend Sharon. And my friends Dan and Charles.”
I shook hands with Dan and Sharon and gave Charles a hug because he insisted he didn’t shake hands with girls.
“Lie lie. You don see fine girl na, all the hair for your back don stand.”
That was Onome.
We all laughed and the evening continued.
Stephen stepped out for a few minutes only to return with a manual grinder, and a tray.
Stephen, Onome and Charles and Dan rolled the skunk after I had grinded one of the bibles, while I and Sharon gossiped like old friends. We talked about everything in general. The evening wore on and I was feeling so relaxed.
“Garnet, get me the bottles of coke from the fridge.”
I had no idea there were bottles of anything except codeine in the room. I got up, went to the fridge and yours truly, in there laid two bottles of big plas
tic coke. I got them out, placed them on the table and stared at what was in front of me in awe.
Two of the four rizzlas were empty. (In a packet of rizzla, there are 40 roll bonds. Do the math).
“Pour 4 bottles of coda each in each of the bottles.”
Without a word, I did as I was told. I could see that everybody in that room was ready to die, except me of course.
Quietly, I got out the disposable cups from the fridge and placed them on the table.
My mind was racing. But at this point, all atom of reasonability had been tossed out the window.
Stephen did the sharing, and in less than no time the contents of the bottles were emptied into six of the cups, everyone getting an equal portion.
Stephen brought out his portable speaker, connected it with his phone and turned off the lights….. Let the party begin…
With foxes, we must play fox

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