Dear women, this is what your man really wants


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Most times people argue that women do not know what they want and the argument, no matter how you try will never be in the woman’s favor. After all, everyone believes the woman is erratic, emotional, delusional and is totally incapable of making logical decisions. But let’s put all that aside for a second and ask ourselves what does a man really want?
We spend so much time focusing on how indecisive women are, and how they send out mixed signals, nobody ever looks at the men who do the same. Today, we’re taken that necessary step back and highlighting what men want for once.
Men want;
An independent woman
No man wants a liability. Men want someone who can hold her own financially and emotionally. It might be cute when you start dating and you’re being needy about everything, but at some point he needs to know you can support yourself when you need to.
A mother figure
Yup, you read that right. Men want their very own personal reminder, who keeps them on their toes. Ever heard of the saying “a man marries his mother”? This attests to that. Men need someone who would treat and care for them like their mother did.
Praises and approval
Yes, ladies!! Flattery will get you everywhere here. Men love someone who will flatter them and approve of their efforts. Nagging won’t get you anywhere. Love your man, praise him for his efforts and approve of the positive things that he has done. Be a personal cheerleader, basically!
Respect and Trust
Men cannot part with their egos, so respect is very essential. Trust them, they cannot deal with women who do not trust their every move.
As much as men want an independent woman, they also want someone who needs them. It seems contradictory, but it isn’t always. Men simply want a lady who is dependent on them for certain things. Things like fixing the bulb, servicing the car, doing handwork around the house and other things. Men don’t want to be emasculated, so they have to feel like you need them for something.
Every now and then, your man needs to be aware that if things go sideways, you would be able to provide support when necessary. Support his dreams and ambitions, and be there for him when he needs you.
They say communication is key in every relationship. For some men it comes in three forms; Communication when necessary, communication when they think it’s necessary and frequent communication, Choose your poison.
Occasional time out with the boys should not be frowned upon. If your man has spent a considerable amount of time with you, do not complain when he decides tomorrow will be spent with the boys. Just like every individual, men too, need their private time to reflect and strategize.
Physical and emotional connection are absolutely necessary in relationships. You need to be connected on every level, so that you understand each other to a good extent. If there is no connection, the passion will eventually fizzle out and you’ll be left with nothing.
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