Davido Reveals Hassles with Sony Music


By Ayodele Olubuse (www.eraveng.com)
DMW boss, Davido has divulged that the interest of a ‘big corporation’ with distribution interests is responsible for the delay of his sophomore album.
The singer said “the album is done but funny enough, two days before we were about to drop the album, we got a call from a very big corporation that wants to be involved in the album distribution and that’s why we pulled back”.
“There’s no point doing things the same. If you are not going to do it big, there’s no point doing it at all. That’s why I chilled back, and I want to let the big corporations do their work. But the album is coming,” he stated.
Reports also revealed that prior to signing the deal, Davido consulted with renowned entertainment lawyer, Joel Katz seeking advice and legal counsel.
The deal will have the singer release two albums, but none of them will come in this year. Davido is expected to firstly release an EP to promote his brand in the US in August.
The first single is to be released next month and the singer is working hard towards that.
“The EP will have a lot of international collaborations on it as it is expected to be his first introductory project”.
The album might be released next year, although there has been no concrete talk about it.
Davido’s deal with Sony required that he hit the studio and remake the sophomore album. Sony Music Entertainment, a global franchise will require lofty global standards of music that will ensure that a get a return on investment,” A source close to Davido said.

culled from www.eraveng.com

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