Cue sticks and all in game day 2 of PH City 8- ball Pool League

PictureZen Master doing damage to The General

The PH City 8- Ball Pool League continued at the Engine Room, V 10, Port Harcourt on Thursday as players continued to challenge each other for the top prize.
The most entertaining game of the day (Thursday) was between Baka and Daveedaloca.

Baka came in as the underdog and caught Daveedaloca off guard to take 3 straight games in the first leg with Big balls but Daveedaloca came back strong to win the first 2 games of the next leg with small balls.
However, Baka with his unassuming demeanor and unorthodox style went ahead to steal the third and final game of the second leg with a final score of 4:2 in favor of Baka.
Boma is the organizer of the event and he told why they play Pool.

“People see the game from different perspectives. As a younger person it is a guy thing, but as you get older it teaches you about life- perseverance, coming back from defeat, maintaining a strong lead, things that you apply in later life.
“It also serves as a means of relaxation. You think while playing it. It is like chess. It builds the brain as well,” Boma told
“The big picture is to have at least 5 tables with games going on at the same time with dressed umpires and score boards with a little bit of background jazz.
“It is not a game for a particular gender because we have female players in the country especially from this state. It will amaze you that some of the best are females and the aim is to provide a conducive environment for them so they can come out of their shells.”

Game Day 1 Results

Zsi Hughez Vs Razor (Big Balls)
Zsi Hughez Vs Razor (Small Balls)
Zsi Hughez – 2 points
Razor – 4 points
Big Balls 0:3
Small Balls 1:2
Forté – 1 point
IGOBOSS – 5 points
Savimbi Vs Gonboi
Savimbi – 0 points
Gonboi – 6 points
Israel Vs Tammyjiggy
Big Balls 1:2
Small Balls 0:3
Israel – 1 point
Tammyjiggy- 5 points
Game Day 2 results
Sammy Vs Steve
1:2 Big Balls
1:2 Small Balls
Sammy – 2 Points
Steve – 4 Points
Zen Master Vs The General
1:2 Big Balls
3:0 Small Balls
Zen Master – 4 Points
The General – 2 Points
TammyJiggy Vs Razor
2:1 Big Balls
Second leg scheduled for Friday
Baka Vs Daveedaloca
3:0 Big Balls
1:2 Small Balls
Baka – 4 Points
Daveedaloca – 2 Points
Amakiri Oruamabo (Zen Master) who beat The General 4-2 on Thursday was quite impressed with his performance.
“Winning that game considering it is a very strong league, lots of strong players there was good for me. So getting 4 points from my first game is really something I consider a boost and makes me believe I can go far,” Oruamabo told
“I actually am playing to finish in the top half of the league because after this season it will be divided into two, the Premier League and the championship or Division 2 and nobody wants to be in the lower half.
“I would love to finish in the top half then gradually inch my way up,” Oruamabo said.
Friday’s Games
1. Daveedaloca Vs The General (postponed)
2. Baka Vs Stevo Daminky
Time: 6pm
3. Razor Vs Forté
Time: 7pm

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