Cool FM’s Femi & The Gang In Public Fallout Over Embezzlement, Betrayal & More

PictureFemi and the Gang: When the going was good, really good

Femi and the Gang is one of the more popular Nigerian Sports  crew that air shows on Cool FM, Wazobia and Nigeria Info Networks and it was quite the surprise when the head of the gang Femi Obong-Daniels, tweeted the”sack”of 3 members of the team – Deji, Okon and Fiona.
According to Femi, the sack was because the radio station had to downsize all departments due to the economic condition currently being experienced in the country.
Hours after he posted his tweets, Deji Faremi and Kelechi Nkoro (two ex-members of the team) opened up on twitter on what actually went down.
NB: Its a very long thread of tweets and a lot of patience will be required while going through it Lol
See the whole drama below of the Femi and the gang crew below
Note that each screenshot should be read from the bottom to the top
We’ll start with Femi’s tweets
​Now this is not the first time this is happening in the Nigerian sports journalism scene. Only recently, Chinasia “Chinnky” Ibonye who is very popular with the City FM sports crew with the show “sports city” left the station after a similar misunderstanding.
Now there have been other casualties as well like Sayo Owolabi who left Inspiration FM and Oma Akatugba who has now left the shores of the country and is now based in Germany but I wouldn’t want to get into all that now. That will be a story of another day.
One just keeps wondering why this type of scenario is becoming a trend in the industry.

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Okon Nya, Kelechi Nkoro and Deji Faremi

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  1. This seems like another lindaikeji’s blog. Writing about half baked “sportcasters” who had a fallout is now news. China, you a part of the problem in this industry. celebrating mediocrity..

  2. I believe Femi & and Gang are about the biggest name in the Sports Broadcasting Industry. If they break up under any circumstances, i believe it is/ should be news

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