Confronting Frustration in the Workplace- A New book


Media Specialist, Michael Owhoko, exposes workplace realities in new book
You receive a job that you have been wanting for a while. Now, after a few months on the job, you begin to realize that things are not as you would have hoped.
Office politics start to take a toll on your workflow and ultimately, you notice how managers deploy their positions to their advantage despite corporate objectives. How do you handle this frustration? Where does this stem?
As someone who has had many personal accounts in similar positions in his career,
Michael Owhoko decided to share those years of unpleasant experiences into a
Guidebook, “Career Frustration in the Workplace.” Throughout the book, employees will begin to make sense of the situations they find themselves in and also, businesses will understand how they can improve their environment.
“The words in my book expose what transpires in the workplace all over the world that people have not been bold enough to discuss in the public space,” Owhoko said.
Owhoko points out that many managers allow personal interests to override organizational objectives that can lead to selfish motives. All of these developments have negative impacts on the employees and the organization.
“To avoid pitfalls, I’ve provided and identified specific principles that will put the organization and careers in jeopardy if not addressed and upheld,” Owhoko said.
By reading “Career Frustration in the Workplace,” readers will learn how to prove their worth to co-workers, confront bad behavior in a professional way, and follow through on organizational mission statements and objectives. Whether you’re a new professional or a veteran, Owhoko’s words will leave an impact on your career.
Career Frustration in the Workplace
By: Michael Owhoko
ISBN: 978-1-4917-8552-2
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iUniverse
About the author
Michael Owhoko is a media and public relations practitioner who has worked in the banking, oil and gas, and media industries. Owhoko earned degrees in political science and mass communications from the University of IIorin and the University of Lagos in Nigeria. Currently, Owhoko is the publisher of Media Issues, an online newspaper, and resides in Victoria Island, Lagos. 

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