Book Review: A broken people’s playlist


by Faith Kordoo

Chimeka Garricks’ A Broken People’s Playlist is a collection of 12 beautifully written tales all inspired by songs.

Set mostly in Port Harcourt, the stories which border on love, grief, pain, forgiveness, trauma, dysfunctional families, broken homes, survival, deep rooted friendships, injustice, corruption and other socially relevant and relatable themes are told from the first and second person point of view.

The diction is simple and very unapologetically Nigerian as each witty, bitter-sweet story transitions seamlessly into the next with dialogues that give life to the characters, engaging the reader, invoking multiple senses and stirring up some solid emotions.

Through each story Garricks reminds us that we are all broken in some way and are all on a search for some sort of redemption which if we are attentive enough can be found in the most unlikely way, time and in the oddest places – and even in things like…the power MUSIC!

12 fascinating stories in one hand and a playlist we didn’t even know we needed, ‘badly’, in the other!

Thank you, Chimeka Garricks.

You can purchase Chiemeka Garricks’ A broken People’s playlist at Bookville World, Ezimgbu link road (Mummy B Road) in Port Harcourt, online at, at Roving Heights or at The booksellers in Ibadan and Abuja

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