BET ROUND TABLE: Time to cash in


The big leagues are back again, don’t just be that passionate fan who goes to scream at the viewing centre for your favorite team losing your voice in the process while others are busy cashing in on your team’s result.
It’s time to make that support count for something.
Here are just a few football games for you to bet on to start smiling to the bank come Monday morning.
Remember, No bet is a 100% guaranteed. So bet wisely!!!
Tottenham Hotspur       -:-      Middlesbrough
( Tottenham Hotspur Win and Over 1.5 Goals)
 Hull City    -:-      Liverpool
( Liverpool Win )
Dijon -:-      Paris Saint Germain
( PSG Win )
Monaco      -:-      Nice
( Double Chance on Monaco and Under 4.5 Goals)
Bayern Munich    -:-      Schalke 04
( Bayern Munich Win, Handicap 0-1)
Barcelona   -:-      Athletic Bilbao
( Barcelona Win, Handicap 0-1)
Manchester City   -:-      Swansea City
( Over 2.5 Goals)
Juventus     -:-      Inter
( Double Chance On Juventus and Over 2.5 Goals)
FC Twente  -:-      Feyenoord
( Double Chance On Feyenoord)
Celta Vigo  -:-      Real Madrid
( Real Madrid Win)
Sevilla         -:-      Villarreal
( Sevilla Win)
GOODLUCK!!! And don’t forget to send in your testimonies..

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