Angel De Laff and the Guinness World Record attempt

If you have been part of the Rivers State Social Media Community, you would have in the past few weeks seen photos and videos of a certain Guinness World Record attempt in Port Harcourt.

The thing about this particular one was that people did not, or could not tell if it was a joke or some serious business. Why was this?

Angel De Laff is a popular Port Harcourt-based comedian and whatever he does tends to be seen as comedy or prank as is known in today’s Social Media world.

Then again, the first poster he released showed him with this comical look on his face and I was convinced it was a prank.

But the most telling thing about the scenario was the World Record he was planning to break. He said he was going to cut an object off a person’s head while blindfolded. In that photo, he was holding a sword. It surely had to be a prank, wasn’t it?

The initial responses on that post went like, “Whose head?” others were, “You dey find who you go kill,” and many others. Many people on Social Media just laughed it off as one of those things Angel De Laff would do.

It was a near perfect campaign by Angel De- Laff

I also laughed it off as one of his jokes, believing it would never happen and in response to that post, I suggested they could use my head for the experiment if that is what it was, but I was turned down as Angel stated that only a Martial Artiste’s head can be used. Was that a joke or he was serious? Again, it is very difficult to tell with comedians.

Count down to D- Day

But Angel De-LAff continued to push this, making it seem like he was serious. With each passing day, he added new information to his event. Involving Sam Dede was a surprise as most of us never knew the movie star was a martial artist.

Movie star, Sam Dede was part of it

At some point, he introduced the martial artiste whose head would be used for the record-breaking attempt, and then he began to publish names and photos of witnesses to the event and there were credible people in society, known by all of us. One of them was Chukwudi Dimkpa.

Chukwudi Dimkpa was called in as an eye witness

On the day in question, we saw a short ceremony, a fruit on the head of a man squatting, another fellow standing by his side, ringing a bell, and then Angel De Laff, all dressed in his white Gee, blindfolded, dancing around, for about three minutes before cutting the pawpaw in half, and drawing wild applause, jubilation and celebrations from the spectators present. Angel De Laff had done it.

Angel De- LAff and the head donor

But was this a record of any sort?

No, it was not a World Record attempt and I am sure Angel De-Laff knew this. Angel played us but what he did was a good thing.

For about six weeks, he dragged attention to Port Harcourt and he did just more than that. He got engagements for himself on Social Media and made the sport of Taekwondo more popular, advertising his Martial Arts training school at the end.

Certainly, we need more creatives like Angel De- Laff and we enjoyed it while it lasted.

You are lucky you did not take off that guy’s head in your attempt, we for dey serve you beans by now for Sanko

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