All men are still very much scum


This is the second offering from my Men are scum series and as usual it is a true story. I have just changed the names and locations so no one can guess the real characters in this tale.

Now Andrew had dated Jessica for about five years and they planned to get married at some point in their lives.

However, as life and fate would have it, they seemed not compatible with each other.

While Andrew thought Jessica was cheating on him and did not show respect, she felt Andrew was not posh enough for a girl of her status so they officially broke up and went their separate ways.

A new life

One year after they broke up, Andrew met Yemisi, asked her out and they started dating.

They had dated for six months and starting planning to get married.

At this time in his life, Andrew had forgotten all about Jessica who was now in his past.

But one day, about two years after he broke up with Jessica, he received a call from her.

They had not spoken since they broke up so he wondered what was up that she eventually called him.

She simply asked if he was at home and she wanted to come over to see him, a request he did not turn down.

They just talked, caught up on old times and had drinks at his place.

She teased him about having a new girlfriend and he replied in the affirmative, even telling her the name of his new girl, Yemisi and she teased him about it.

By the time they were done, Jessica, made overtures to him and the day ended in both of them having sex.

Truth be told, Andrew did not regret cheating on his girl friend with his former girlfriend, because according to him, “She may be a lot of bad things but that aspect of her life was great.”

Having broken the ice, so to say, Jessica began to show up at his house two or sometime three times a week just to have sex.

She would turn up some time before noon and leave just about 3pm and this new life style went on for almost one year.

Andrew’s girlfriend never got to know this because she only came over to his place weekends while Jessica would come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Suddenly, about one year into his renewed fling with his ex, she made a startling revelation.

Just after their usual bout of sex, she asked him if he had any idea what she had been doing in the two years since they broke up and he said he had no idea.

You mean you broke up with me and did not care what I was doing and suddenly one year later I turn up at your house and you have been having sex with me all along?” she asked.

Well, I am a man and sometimes we do not really care about such things. You came back, you know I have a girl friend which did not bother you and you decided to continue sexually with me so I did not mind.

The truth is I did not need a history class with you, but if you want to tell me what you have been up to then I am all ears,” Andrew said.

Jessica just stretched forward, grabbed her handbag that was on the floor, opened it and brought out her wedding ring and wore them on her wedding finger.

What is the meaning of this?” Andrew asked.

Well, you said you did not want to know and you just wanted the sex. Did you ever stop to ask why I only came to visit you before noon and left just before four o clock?

Did you ever wonder why I never visited you on weekends? No it was not important, just the sex. Well, I have been married for more than one year now but my husband does not do it like you and that was why I came back to you.”

Andrew could not believe what he was hearing and immediately got a headache.

You are an evil girl. How could you do this? So I have been sleeping with another man’s wife? Why? He asked.

Didn’t you enjoy it? Now you know I am married, do you want to stop? We can still continue o. I just told you so it would not surprise you if you hear it later.”

Andrew could not believe what he was hearing. He was so angry and could have resorted to beating her up but he realised that violence would solve nothing and would just expose what he had done to the world. Who would believe he didn’t know all along.

His head was pounding he felt filthy and abused.

All Men are Scum!

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  1. Some of your points indicate about the reality of the men’s life but you did not know that all the men not the same. In the same way, you did not read the mind of the other person. But you write the good and unique article.

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