All Men are scum 


By China Acheru

Since this seems to be the latest trend, especially from the side of the women folk on social media, I decided to indulge them today and prove that men are really scum.
Now this is a true story that happened to that woman who lives next flat to you, works across the hall from you, or even attends your church but never acted like she was going through.
For the sake of this piece, I will call the woman, Bisola and call the man, Akintunde.
Now Bisola and Akintunde got married in 2003 and it was one of those society weddings that everybody who was somebody in the city was there.
These were two people in love and they made plans to live together, for better for worse, in sickness and health, till death do they part.
After the lavish wedding ceremony, the task of marriage began and they seemed happy.
But by their first anniversary, Akintunde’s parents started asking why Bisola was not pregnant.
Akintunde’s parents owned a large shipping line and being an only son, they wanted an heir immediately, but their son told them to be patient as it was the lord who gave children.
At every anniversary until the 5th one, people were asking and Akintunde started getting worried.
Suddenly, his attitude changed but he tried to stay loyal to Bisola who he really loved.
By the 12th year of their marriage and with no offspring, he had had enough.
He could no longer ward off his parents and extended family so he sent Bisola packing. He practically ended the marriage and his mother wasted no time to bring in a girl from home that was “very fertile”
It was not too late to start life anew and a distraught Bisola just held on to her job and religion to keep her sanity.
Two years after her marriage broke up, Bisola met Ovie, her class mate at University.
Ovie and Bisola were just cool in school and though he wanted to date her, she never gave him a second thought.
Ovie had been in Canada since he concluded his masters nine years ago and was in Nigeria to open a new business when he met Bisola at her office.
They decided to catch up on old times and hung out one Friday night.
After a few drinks and reminiscences, things got out of control and Ovie paid for a room at the hotel where they had hot, steamy sex.
Bisola had no regrets because she hadn’t been intimate with any one since she lost her marriage to Akintunde, two years earlier.
Two days later Ovie returned to Canada and on her next due date, Bisola missed her period.
She didn’t take it seriously but after a while she did a pregnancy test and found out she was with child.
She informed Ovie who was so delighted and called on his family to initiate the process of marriage.
One year later, Ovie and Bisola were married with a three month old son, Efe in their arms.
Akintunde is three years with his new bride and still searching for a child.
Are all men not scum?

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  1. In the negative side, this woman thinking is right but all men are not scum and this information is base on not reality but negative thinking. The reading point of views it is an interesting article but as critics, it is really negative. This is really so intense article.

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