After Dark: Hot Pants


His hands were teasing her clit as he fucked her hard from behind. She was sprawled on the trunk of the parked car matching every thrust with swaying hips, and her perfectly rounded bum hitting hard against his crotch. She was good and never hesitated to get what she wanted.
Turning swiftly, she pinned him against the trunk, and raising her legs onto the bumper, put his dick inside her slowly and fucked him silly. He had never had such rump in his entire life. Riding him to the ends of the earth and back and….blackout!
She’d fuck anything in trousers. She had no restrictions whatsoever. So long as she fulfilled her sexual cravings, she was ok. Although these cravings were on a per second radar, she somehow managed to find a willing dick to satisfy her…or not.
She’d gone clubbing to cool off and find a willing one-night stand.
She was smoking from a pot of shisha when her eyes caught this drop dead gorgeous being on the dance floor. She couldn’t bring herself to look the other way so she stared until their eyes locked.
She bit her lip slowly, and gave a wink while rubbing her boobs gently. He was transfixed. Who wouldn’t be? She looked like something out of a dream. Her auburn wig was full and draped her shoulders. She wore light makeup and tight-fitting blouse exposing lots of cleavage and a full bosom. She stood gently to reveal an ever so flat stomach, a tin waist, and broad hips. She had the shape of an hour glass and she was magnificent! Drawing one last puff from her shisha pot, she turned and bounced her ass ever so gently, twerking to the beat of the song and attracting more onlookers.
Ignoring the music blaring from all around her, and paying no attention to all the eyes that were on her, she danced her way to this hot stranger who couldn’t take his eyes off her.
She got to him, and without saying a word, turned and rubbed her ass against his trousers as though she were dancing. In no time, she could feel that hard bulge and that was message enough to tell her that itch between her legs was about to be scratched
{Excerpts from Hot Pants}

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