Abigail Williams defies tension for WAUG


By Doyin Oladosu
For an average spectator watching the West Africa University games the atmosphere is electric, exciting and full of fun, but for Abigail Williams, the atmosphere is full of tension and anticipation.
Williams is an athlete competing in the 1500m at the West African University Games and she explains the way it is before an event.
“There have been a lot of tension. We are anticipating and wondering what it will look like when we start running, but it is cool. That is how it’s supposed to be anyway,” Abigail said while speaking to chinaacheru.com.
Abigail Williams who will be representing her school, the Rivers State University in the 1500m is confident that her training will eventually payoff when she hits the tracks
“I have been training and I believe my training will pay off.”
The journey to sports for Abigail started way back when she was in the secondary school.
“I’ve been an athlete since secondary school and this should be like way back in JS3, when I noticed that I can run.”
Most African parents find it hard to support their children when they decide to take on athletics as a career choice, Abigail parents were no different.
“My parents especially my dad he did not encourage it but my mum was always there for me.
For the 22 year old who is a student of the Department of Business Management, winning a medal will be dream come true plus it will help in motivating her to reach greater heights.
“It’s my dream to win a medal. It’s going to motivate a lot. Motivate me to do better and to believe in what i love doing.”

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