A look back at Liverpool’s conquest of Arsenal


By Oluwafemi Balogun

What started out as a wonderful Sunday evening for a lot of the Arsenal
fans soon turned sour like a week old stew.

Another bad day as usual for Wenger as Liverpool trounced them 4-0 at the Anfield.

With a fine display and goals from Firmino, Salah, Mane and Sturridge, Liverpool got a well deserved win.

Liverpool’s attacking prowess was just reminiscent of their Champions’ League
play off game against Hoffenham as it has always a beauty to watch Liverpool’s
attack just run round their opponents like the Flash.

Wenger went into this game with his new found love for 3 defenders which the Liverpool team exploited with help from their wingers.

A brave Cech was the reason the game ended a mere 4-0 making several saves especially from Salah in the first half, and being the only bright spark for the Arsenal all game round.

Uninterested Arsenal Squad

A lot of pundits and fans have criticised some of the Arsenal players for their lack of commitment and pride when ever they wear the club jersey as was evident on Sunday.

Some picked out Ozil, Granit Xhaka, Alexis Sanchez and Chamberlain for refusing to track back, with a lot of distractions as some of the players are either in the last year of
contract or trying to force a move out of the club.

Another bad day in the office for the Arsenal as they failed to record a shot on target.

Club legend, Thierry Henry speaking to Skysport after the game said, “I knew what
would happen today, I knew what was going to happen against Leicester, I
knew what was going to happen at Stoke.

So I am not (shocked).

But still when you see it you are like No! Not really again!

I am not that shocked in a way, that’s what I expected today unfortunately.”

But the average Arsenal fan won’t expect such embarrassing scoreline even at the Anfield, and you expect those #Wengerout campaign to be rolled out again.

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  1. I really happy to come back and playing for this team again, you are very specially for the team and I’m big fan of you. I watched your videos again and again, really inspired me. I read your blog and very excited once again

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