8 Things You Must Consider Before Shaving Your Pubic Area


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Shaving your pubic area is supposed to be a simple process that will be similar to shaving every other part of your body. This logic doesn’t hold true, however, for a number of reasons including the sensitivity of the pubic region in comparison to other areas of the body.
You may have been lucky enough before reaching puberty to have an older person tell you all the details you need when it comes to shaving the pubic area yourself as you may need to go through a trial and error period if you don’t get the right type of informed experience.
Shaving your pubic hair the right way is not rocket science, neither does it follow commonsense. That’s why we’ve put together the things you should know that will hopefully, let you experience a trouble-free shaving time.
Steam Your Pubic Area
To experience as little pain as possible, steam your pubic area at least five minutes before shaving. Steaming helps to soften the hair and the skin surrounding the area which makes it easier for you to have a smooth and painless shave. You can steam this area by standing over the hot water you want to use for your bath while you do any other chore you need to do in the bathroom. The longer you steam it, the softer the hair will be.
Try Exfoliating
Once you’ve steamed your pubic area, it’s best you exfoliate lightly before the commencement of shaving. Use a sponge or any exfoliating body wash to get rid of dead skin cells that can prevent your shaving stick from gliding smoothly across the skin’s surface. Exfoliating helps to bring the blade of the shaving stick closer to the surface so it cuts off pubic hair as closely as possible.
Use A Good Shaving Stick
It is important that your shaving stick is new and the blades, sharp. Reusing a shaving stick is bound to give you problems because it won’t cut the hairs off cleanly, will cause tugging of the hair which will result in skin irritation. More so, the blades of old shaving sticks may have become rusted and this may give you small cuts on your skin when used.
Keep Your Pubic Area Clean
Since there’s a high chance of you getting a cut due to the sharpness of shaving sticks, it’s best you keep your pubic area thoroughly clean. Small cuts and an unclean pubic region may result in an infection. As such, it’s best you use soaps that are mild and which will not alter the natural pH of that area of the body.
Use Shaving Creams
Not making use of shaving cream may result in severe burns. A lot of shaving creams are designed to raise the hair on your skin so as to get a closer shave while some are made for sensitive skin which mostly surrounds the pubic area.
Trim Long Hair
If you haven’t shaved your pubic area in a long while, it’s important you trim the hair first because long pubic hairs will only complicate your shaving experience.
For one, some longer hairs can get caught in the shaving stick and get pulled. Moreover, you may need to go over one area multiple times to get the hair off and this may lead to skin irritation. Get a scissors and trim off long hair before shaving.
Never Press Too Hard
Pressing your shaving stick hard on your skin won’t help you get a closer or cleaner shave. As a matter of fact, it may even cause skin irritation. Shaving sticks are meant to do the job with very little pressure. Furthermore, going too quickly won’t allow the blade to shave off all the hairs in its path. Slow motions will ensure more hair is taken off with a single swipe and will prevent you from passing over the same area multiple times.
Not Everyone Can Shave
There are some people that just cannot shave their pubic regions. This is because they have a super sensitive skin and will always have burns and irritation every time they shave even if it is once a month. It’s best if you fall into this category to look for alternative means such as hair removal creams, waxing and laser treatments.

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