8 Signs Your Partner/Spouse is a Waste of Time and Will Never Commit


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One of the best things in Life, is been in a relationship, not just any relationship, but in a Relationship with someone you can trust and you know, will love you back.
I don’t advice my friends to go on relationships with people who will never commit, why date a guy who you know, will lie, lie, cheat on you and lie over again? Isn’t that a definition of been cheap?
Today, i want to write on an important topic, and want to tell the Ladies, how they can identify a guy who will NEVER commit to any relationship, no matter how much they love him.
It is true that Women from every nation, culture and tribe no matter the differences in cultures and believes, will always have two common questions as far as relationships are concerned, and these questions are:
Is he serious about me?
Is he ready for a lifetime commitment?
The above questions have the power of twisting and nerve-wrecking every woman with unclear picture of their future, more especially, on where exactly the relationship will be heading to in the future.
It is certain that Women, sorry, Most women would never want to waste months or even years on a man who has no intention or plan of staying with them for a lifetime.
So to save yourself the time, energy and unnecessary heartbreaks, it’s advisable that every lady discovers whether their boyfriend is really commit or he is just taking them for those common high school relationship rides.
Here are Eight Signs That Show Y0ur Man Will Never Commit
10 Most Life-Threatening Phrases
1. You’re Never in His Plan
When a man you’re supposed to be in relationship with, is always making plans and keeps on “forgetting” to add you to his plan, i guess it’s time for you to start making plans to get out of the relationship.
To be candid and honest with you, if i don’t love someone, as much as they thought i do, i won’t want my life to circle round them. Whenever your man is making plans, and you’re always excluded, it’s time to move on with your life.
You know why? Because he absolutely doesn’t have you in his future plans!
Whenever he makes only has an “I” statement throughout his discussion with you or family members, it becomes obviously clear that he does NOT have any intention of making you part of his life. If he talks more about his parents and never puts you in the big picture or care much about thinking of the future life with you, even rarely discussing it, then the only thing I can really think of right now is that you two are not reading from the same book, and the your future with him seems bleak.
Make a run for it, while your heart isn’t broken yet, and most importantly, your time isn’t wasted yet. You’ve got a beautiful life, don’t let anyone create a sad and sorrowful one for you.
2. Always “Unavailable”
In a relationship that there is mutual love and respect, both the guy and Lady, always makes it a point to tell their partner their where about and most times, pinpoint their location.
However, if you are in a relationship that your Boyfriend doesn’t make a point to meet occasionally with you, then you’re deceiving yourself. Get real and look at the bigger picture here.
In a relationship where your boyfriend disappears for more than a week, and doesn’t bother to explain where he has been all this while, you should probably know that he’s make it clear that he has no room for you in his life.
It isn’t suppose to be mentioned here, that in a relationship that has future, a loving man will always let you know where he is, what he is currently doing and ensures, he give you an assurance that he is always thinking about you, even in his busiest hours.
He Has Not Introduce You to His Family
This point is pretty obvious, i have listen to several teachings on Building a successful relationship, and to be honest with you, almost all great relationship teachers, makes sure they drum this point to their listeners ear, if you noticed that your S.O has not introduce you to his parents, then he simply has in no future plan with you.
Why show you to his family, when he knows in his innermost heart, that you’re not going to be his future wife? If he take you to his family and show you as his girlfriend to Parents, and does not marry you, he will be indirectly saying to his family members, he’s a player and afraid of commitments. No one, especially the guys want their family members to know they’re players.
So, one of the easiest way to know your current Boyfriend does not have any future plan for you, is not taking you to meet with his parents.
If you raise the question of seeing his parents and he immediately change the topic or objects, then you should know that he is not ready for commitment. If he screams, tends to be busy or nag whenever you raise the “introduce me to your family” subject, he may not really be ready for this relationship to lead anywhere.
Am telling you the honest truth.
He doesn’t Show Concerns Towards Your Dream (Life Goals)
In a relationship that the love is mutual, it won’t surprise you to know that your partner wants you to succeed, and will try his possible best to ensure your goals become reality, and you know why?
Because he wants you to reach the pinnacle of your dream, which will make you happy, and when you’re happy, he’s happy.
But for that guy who isn’t concerned about your future with him? he’s never going to disturb him, or even show concerned about your goals.
If he doesn’t want to talk about your feelings, hopes, dreams and desires for the future, it may be time to untie the relationship knots. If he loves you, he will care about how you feel, listen to you, learn you, and motivate you. He will make your decisions his and your life’s desires part of himself.
He’s Always Talking About Other Girls
Why would someone you believed, loved you so much fancies about other girls? You should be the love of his life. The only one that attracts him, and someone who is his current crush! Not some others girls. Honestly, if your boyfriend doesn’t love you, he’ll always talk about other girls.
Talking about other girls shows he has no atom of respect for you.
When you notice that he fancies and talks of other girls with you, or with his friends, note that he does not value you that much.
Studies have shown that a man who loves you will never talk about other girls when he is with you. A man who truly loves you, he will never have the time to think that the girls he meets at work is way hotter than you are and will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world.
He Hates Work
When ask to define a lazy person, one of the first thought that comes to your mind, is that he or she, hates to work.
The honest truth is that work is life. If you are dating a guy who cannot hold a job or hates to go to work, even if he has a position in the best working agency in the city or county, then you can be sure of something important, and that is, he’s NEVER serious and is in-mature.
A man who hates work, has never thought of taking responsibilities. If he cannot hold a job, i
t is highly unlikely that he will be able to take care of you.
He Does Not Do What He Says
When your boyfriends makes no attempt to keep his word, then you should know he does not take you serious. When he says one thing and does the opposite of what he says.
When he has no stand, and never takes anything between the both of you seriously, you don’t need a prophecy to know that he does not value you, or your relationship.
Darling? please take off and look for someone who loves you and tries his possible best to keep his word.
Do You Feel Valuable Around His Friends?
How can you be so sure, you’re his girl? and not just his side chick? The altitude of his friends towards you will speak volume, and here’s why.
Studies have shown over and over again, that if a guy likes you, he’ll always talk about you to his friends, and won’t take it lightly with anyone who might insult your person. His actions and reaction towards you, while with his friends will make his friends respect you.
If he loves you and is ready to be with you, he will make you feel special by telling your friends and his friends you are the only one. If the both of you are together with his friends and he doesn’t seem to notice you, then you simply don’t need any other sign to know that the man you once loved has always been someone you do not know.
He might have someone special, who his real friends will always know, and to them, you’ll be his side chick, and they’ll treat you as one.
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