7 social media platforms every musician should be on


Social media serves as a medium to promote your music and get your story out there. At almost no cost, social media enables you be discoverable.

We’ve heard your song but we know nothing about you. Thanks to technology and digital media we don’t have to sit by our radio sets waiting for the next time the DJ plays your song to find about you.
Today, once a listener who’s never heard of you hears your tune and wants to find out more, the first place they’ll look for you is on social media.
Having a social media presence is a must for every upcoming artist and even for established acts.
Social media applications are a great way to get you and your music out there.

Social media serves as a medium to promote your music and get your story out there. At almost no cost, social media enables you be discoverable and helps find a way for your music to reach the right audience. It provides a direct link between the artists and the fans.
With social media, you can also put up news updates about your music, shows and other fun stuff. You can also share videos and photos.
Here’s a list of platforms you’ve just got to be on:
1. Twitter
Twitter is a great way for your fans to know about you and what you are up to. With 140 characters, you can create buzz about your music.
2. Facebook
Good ol’Facebook. You’ll be surprised just how many people use this. Create a Facebook (fan) page if you don’t have one. Keep your page interactive by uploading engaging posts on your wall.
3. Instagram
Instagram is a great way for you to connect with fans on a personal level using pictures (and videos).
4. Blogs
If you haven’t got a website yet, you should at least have a blog.
Dr SID of Mavin Records has a Tumblr blog. The singer puts up videos, photos and audio clips on this on a regular basis.
A couple of years ago EME records boss Banky W wrote a blog on Blogspot called  ‘The Bank Statements’.
5. YouTube
You’ve got to have a YouTube channel, where else are you going to host your videos online? Millions of people visit this video sharing website. It is one of the most powerful tools for promotion any musician can use.
Share music videos, live performances and video diaries here.
6. SoundCloud
SoundCloud is a social media site that allows musicians to upload their songs for fans to listen to. The set up of the site is user friendly.
7. Hulkshare
It is a music community where artists can share their songs and network with other musicians.
What are you waiting for? Get posting!
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