5 kind of People you find in Delta Mall, Warri.  


Eight out of a ten people will address Delta Mall as shoprite, just like all sweetening cubes is called Maggi, Noodles known as Indomie, Detergents as Omo.
Often times, the first becomes a household name, but today is not about that, it’s about the kind of people you will always see when you go to the Mall.
Sometimes you see some people and you ask yourself, are these people really in this city and other times you wonder.
Here’s a list of them.
1.   Selfie Takers.

These bunch are the best, because they are there for everything, Shop, hangout, meet anyone and they try to show the spirit of the city, which is happiness.
They have in their arsenal, a retinue of closed friends or toasters, and their desire is to have the mall’s beauty, 100% present in the pictures.
I bet 78% of people that has visited the mall can’t feign innocence to this claim, but I am in the other 22% (Lolz)
There’s a good side to this, First, it helps you relive the memory, Show case the city in a positive light and gives you that feel good or living the life feeling.
Almost all the time, there’d be someone taking pictures.
2.   AC Enjoyers
The air conditioners inside the mall, is amazing. You start feeling it the moment the door automatically opens up.
You see this set of us, (I’ll explain the us later) seating on the chairs inside the mall fiddling with our phones or reading a newspaper, or with a can of coke or water.
Yes, us, i have done it a few times especially when i had things to do within the mall or it’s premises, for example during SBX shopping festival.
3.   Bread eaters
I always find it funny, especially when leaving the mall and you see a shopper with a single shoprite bag containing bread and entering keke. I’ll be like “whaaat?” just to buy bread? Bread nor dey where you dey stay?
4.   Friends and Family
Delta Mall, has automatically become the place to sometimes bump into old friends and acquaintances, they catch up, ask questions of old pals and exchange contacts.
You can also find families taking a stroll around the mall or seating around table eating at the food court section, Laughing together and taking photographs.
It’s good to see this, Family that stays together in unity, will aid in building the new city.
5.   Love Birds
Yes, Lovers smiling at each other especially at the food court section, Holding hands or walking into the cinema or Rodina bar upstairs.
Did i miss any? Join the conversation.
Culled from www.newwarri.blogspot.com.ng

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