Why I’m logging out of whatsapp for good


In the last three years, Whatsapp, in my estimation became the most popular of the instant messenger apps on smart phones but unfortunately I have to stop using that thing.
I remember how we started instant messaging with Yahoo messenger back in the day when we had to go to cybercafés just to chat with friends.
Then our phones got smart and we could actually use the messenger app on our handheld devices. That was great, wasn’t it?
After that was the Blackberry messenger or BBM that got so popular, it went on android phones. Now it is the Whatsapp messenger which is the rave of the moment.
Every one has a whatsapp group and they are adding me to them. Old school association, football groups, professional colleagues, football clubs, committee of friends, just name it and I am in it.
This is why I have to stop whatsapp
But why do I want to leave whatsapp that has helped millions of people worldwide to communicate? Now let me explain.
It has really been great for me on whatsapp. My family has a group and even though we are scattered from Nigeria to UK to USA we are just a smart phone key pad away.
Then again, after graduating from secondary school in 1987, my class opened a whatsapp group last year and it has been fun up till now meeting my mates again and acting like we are kids again.
But I did a count last week and I saw that I am in 34 whatsapp groups. No, I did not make a mistake, 34. Why? Am I the cause of all of Nigeria’s problems? So why am I in 34 whatsapp groups?
Between, work groups, to professional groups to football groups, old school groups with my classmates, family groups, committee of friends groups, I am in 34 and I do not think that is right. It can never be right.
Some people call and ask to add me and I am too polite to say no. others just add me without asking and I never want to seem rude by hitting on “exit” so here we are.
Now I have nothing against my family group or the one that has to do with my alumni. The one that bothers me is all these random football groups that I have found myself in.
It seems everyone wants to be a group admin so each man creates his own football group and names it according to the area of Nigerian football they want to focus on.
I noticed that these random groups have the same people in them, just different administrators, so what’s the point?
These groups discuss the same trending topcs, so what really is the point?
When national team or club media offices make press releases they are copied and pasted by the same people in all of these groups so what really is the point?
Then I noticed the group administrators, the ones who are in all the other groups but opened their own just so they can be boss suddenly began to feel like God as they remove anyone that does not share their view instantly then sit back with a smirk on their face and watch as other group members beg them to re-add who was removed.
In one group, an administrator threatened to send out his warlords to attack a group member for sharing a different view from his and in record time they were all out there throwing insults at this hapless person.
In another group I am in, a very elderly person throws tantrums like an 8 year old whose icecream was seized. Then he begins to insult everyone who crosses his path, while others beg him to stop rather than rebuke him for his tomfoolery.
In another group, the administrator definitely has an agenda and godlike attitude. If your comments are not in line with his agenda, you are out of the club without recourse to due process. Then he gives you a dressing down like a 5 year old being rebuked by his grand mother.
In most of the groups I am in, especially, the football groups, it is mostly a case of people just arguing nonstop on daily basis, no point being made most of the time.
All of these take a toll on my phone’s battery life, data (which is not cheap in this recession) and most of all my sanity (which is priceless).
When I first got my Gionee M5 Marathon, I would charge it once every 56 hours, but now I have to charge every 12 hours because 34 whatsapp groups are driving me and my phone crazy.
Now it is time to end my romance with whatsapp and those crazy groups so I can live the rest of my life in peace.

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